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Functions for multiplying and solving with the \(P_r\) and \(P_l\) operators as well as the latent precision matrix \(Q = P_l C^{-1}P_l\) and covariance matrix \(\Sigma = P_r Q^{-1} P_r^T\). These operations are done without first assembling \(P_r\), \(P_l\) in order to avoid numerical problems caused by ill-conditioned matrices.


Pr.mult(obj, v, transpose = FALSE)

Pr.solve(obj, v, transpose = FALSE)

Pl.mult(obj, v, transpose = FALSE)

Pl.solve(obj, v, transpose = FALSE)

Q.mult(obj, v)

Q.solve(obj, v)

Qsqrt.mult(obj, v, transpose = FALSE)

Qsqrt.solve(obj, v, transpose = FALSE)

Sigma.mult(obj, v)

Sigma.solve(obj, v)



rSPDE object


vector to apply the operation to


set to TRUE if the operation should be performed with the transposed object


A vector with the values of the operation


Pl.mult, Pr.mult, and Q.mult multiplies the vector with the respective object. Changing mult to solve in the function names multiplies the vector with the inverse of the object. Qsqrt.mult and Qsqrt.solve performs the operations with the square-root type object \(Q_r = C^{-1/2}P_l\) defined so that \(Q = Q_r^T Q_r\).