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MetricGraph (development version)

  • Added handlers in add_observations() for the situation in which observations that are being projected at the same location. More precisely, the duplicated_strategy argument.
  • Added simulate method for graph_lme objects.
  • Added the possibility to fix parameters when estimating.
  • Deprecated the Spoints argument in add_observations(). SpatialPointsDataFrame can now be added in the data argument.
  • sf objects containing data can also be directly added by using the add_observations() method in the data argument.
  • Added the possibility of using a graph_lme object to provide starting values when fitting a model using graph_lme().
  • Added the option of fitting a directional Whittle-Matérn model with alpha=1 when using graph_lme().
  • Added kirchhoff_weights argument to obtain weights for Kirchhoff vertex conditions from edge_weights.
  • Improved handling of edge weights, e.g., if pruning changes any edge weight, a warning will be given.
  • Added the edgeweight_to_data() method that turns edge weights into data in the internal metric graph format.

MetricGraph 1.2.0

CRAN release: 2023-11-07

  • Changed argument data to newdata in predict methods. The argument data was deprecated.
  • Bugfixes on sample_spde and when adding observations based on Euclidean positions.
  • Added options vertex_unit and length_unit on graph creations. Units are given in edge lengths with the get_edge_lengths() method.
  • Added a method to check if the graph is a tree.
  • The graph construction was thoroughly refactored. The resulting construction is faster and cleaner.
  • The graph constructions now accepts list of coordinates (where the coordinates are given as either matrices or data frames), SpatialLines, SpatialLinesDataFrames or MULTILINESTRING.
  • Adding two options (sf package or sp package) for handling longlat by using the which_longlat option.
  • Adding crs (if using sf) and proj4string (if using sp) for handling general coordinate reference systems.
  • Moving data to the private environment.
  • Several data manipulation helper tools and methods were introduced, together with a vignette with a brief tutorial on these tools.
  • The method mesh_A() has been deprecated, use fem_basis() instead.
  • Several quality of life improvements.
  • Improved the plot() method with the option plotly=TRUE.
  • Improved the plot_function() method to accept data and newdata.
  • Included a process_data() method for metric graphs
  • Renamed the data internal structure from “__group”, “__edge_number”, “__distance_on_edge”, “__coord_x”, “__coord_y” to “.group”, “.edge_number”, “.distance_on_edge”, “.coord_x” and “.coord_y”.
  • Added an “advanced grouping” option, in which the group variable can be a combination of several columns.
  • Improved graph_lme() behavior to avoid having NaN as std.errors.
  • Added check for distance consistency and, more generally, check to see if the graph has euclidean edges.
  • Added method get_groups() to get the unique groups, and also to retrieve the columns that were used to create the group variable.
  • Added the get_data() method to get the data in a user-friendly manner.
  • Added glance() and augment() methods for graph_lme() objects.
  • Added get_vertices_incomp_dir() method to return vertices with incompatible directions.
  • Added print(), summary(), compute_characteristics(), check_euclidean(), check_distance_consistency() methods.
  • Added support for edge weights.
  • Created vertices element in the metric graph object, containing information such as degrees, indegrees, outdegrees.
  • Created print methods for edges, vertices, and for their entries.
  • Added the improve_plot option on plot_function.
  • Added support for discontinuous meshes (at the vertices).
  • Added support for discontinuous functions (at the vertices) for plot_function().

MetricGraph 1.1.2

CRAN release: 2023-07-04

  • Adjusts to ensure compatibility with future releases of the Matrix package.

MetricGraph 1.1.1

CRAN release: 2023-06-01

  • Adjusts on documentation for CRAN.

MetricGraph 1.1.0

  • Improved the documentation.
  • Reorganized some functions.

MetricGraph 1.0.0

  • First version of the package.